Our Company was established in 2004 (the former name thereof is the Great Yassa Law Firm) and has proved itself to be a reliable business partner. Our Company has chosen its motto “De lege de lata” - “According to the applicable law”, and it strictly follows the letter of the law and good business practices in its everyday activities. What is the difference between IP CHOICE and other law firms? First of all, it is a price approach in the provision of our services: we offer high-quality services at a favourable price. Secondly, lawyers who advise our clients are professionals combining their scientific work with practice: holders of PhD in Law, PhD and LLM, who participated in the development of the Kazakh laws, and authors of notes to the Civil Code and other regulatory legal acts.

Our lawyers are international arbitrators having an extensive experience in solving client problems - a great deal of cases won, provision of legal opinions and memoranda on certain complex issues. Since its foundation, the Company has represented some world-known software companies and holders of intellectual property rights. IP CHOICE being GREAT YASSA, was the first to start the struggle against software piracy in Kazakhstan and the neighbouring republics such as the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. According to the IDC, an international research agency, in 2004, the software piracy in Kazakhstan came up to 86%, in 2006 -2007 to 81%, in 2009 to 78%, and it decreased to 74% by the second half of 2014. Along with the work of the authorized bodies, reduction in the software privacy level was due to the persistent activities of our Company engaged in active preventive and explanatory actions against illegal software distributors and users, and also in law-enforcement work guaranteed by the current legislation. At present, IP CHOICE has been successfully heading the list of law firms specializing in the intellectual property protection. IP CHOICE cooperates with well-known law firms and lawyers in Russia, the Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), Europe, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and the Kyrgyz Republic.

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